Say Goodbye to Your Old Tech

Free E-Waste Collection Throughout San Diego County

We make sure your unwanted electronics are recycled properly

In California, it’s illegal to dispose of computer monitors and other electronic equipment with regular garbage. So where do you take it?

We offer two convenient options. Scroll down and choose what works best for you!

Schedule a Pickup

We offer free commercial and residential e-waste pickup service throughout San Diego County.
Our service is free when, included in your recycling, are 2 or more computers, flat screen TVs, network switches, or pro audio components. Please read our Pickup Policy for details.

Our Commitment to the environment

Our planet’s natural resources are consumed at unsustainable levels and the challenge of climate change is more threatening than ever. We believe it is our duty to reduce the amount of hazardous waste making its way to landfills by facilitating convenient recycling of unwanted electronics for as many people as possible.

The Nerd Recyling team
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